Branding How-to Guide for Independent Schools

AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD NOW: New eBook by EdwardsCo President and CEO Maria Kadison

EdwardsCo president and CEO Maria Kadison is making her new eBook, How to Pivot from Mission to Brand to Growth, available to independent schools looking for guidance on how to grow enrollment in 2017.


What’s the eBook About?

Maria wrote the book as a practical how-to guide and featured the case study of New Canaan Country School to illustrate the process of developing and launching a brand that inspires best-fit families to inquire, apply, and enroll.

“We hear from independent schools every day about different kinds of enrollment challenges,” explained Maria.

“Some are seeing soft enrollment as the result of misperceptions in the marketplace.  Others want to expand their recruitment pool or attract more best-fit families.”

Why Should Independent Schools Pay Attention to Branding?

According to Maria, having a strong brand is critical to achieving enrollment objectives:

“Schools that understand how to take a strategic approach to translating their deeply held beliefs about what’s unique and special about their school into a brand that captivates parents and their children will stand head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to accelerating growth.”

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Independent Schools: How to Pivot from Mission to Brand to Growth

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“We discovered a really powerful way to share our story, so parents and students understand—and are inspired by—what a Country School education can deliver.”

Rob Macrae, Head of School, New Canaan Country School

Posted on February 16, 2017 in Brand Strategy, Creative Platform, Ideas and insights, Independent Schools, Recruiting

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