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This Summer’s Top 6 Private School Digital Marketing Actions 

Emotionally Sensitive and Marketing-Wise Social Media and Digital Marketing For Private Schools Now is the time to directly address your market’s concerns with emotionally sensitive and marketing-wise communications. Post these suggestions on all your digital and social channels. Run targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. COVID Sensitive We’ve seen an uptick in response rates to…

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How To Successfully Outsource Your School’s Online Advertising (It’s easier and less expensive than you think!)

How To Outsource Your Online Advertising: In our last blog post, we talked about why online advertising is essential to your school’s outbound marketing strategy. Whether you’re in higher ed or are an independent school, online advertising is a consistent, targeted and cost-effective way to attract new students and maintain high enrollment rates. If you…

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How Online Advertising Can Consistently Boost Your School’s Enrollment

What is lead generation and why is it essential to your school’s marketing plan? Zig Ziglar, the famous author and sales guru once said, “You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.” His statement goes to the heart of why lead generation is so essential to the success of your school and…

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Time to Rethink College Communications

My son Will, now a freshman in college, was in the cross-hairs of every Admissions Director from Claremont, California to Waterville, Maine.  After he took the PSATs, he received a virtual avalanche of college recruiting communications including viewbooks, brochures, fact-sheets, emails, postcards, letters. In many ways, he was a dream prospect for colleges.  He was…

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How to Align Communications Strategy with Gen Z

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, because it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man.” When Heraclitus said that, he wasn’t describing the flow of students you have to attract, but he came pretty close. Especially if you’ve spent years shaping and reshaping your communications strategies to have the…

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Gen Z and the Evolution of Marketing

As Communications professionals in education, our primary responsibility is to create a meaningful connection with best-fit prospective students and donors because when they feel truly connected in a meaningful way, they are much more likely to attend and support the institution. We try and try. We spend a lot of money, and no matter how…

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Part 2. Gen Z: Rethink Messaging and Media

AN EXCERPT FROM OUR GEN Z WHITE PAPER PART 2 – RETHINK YOUR MESSAGING AND MEDIA In Part 1 of this two-part series, we gave you some challenging facts about the size and attitudes of the Gen Z audience, and some significant ways they differ from the Millennials you’re so well acquainted with. It’s likely…

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Part 1. Gen Z: They’re Not Like Millennials

PART 1 – UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE Most colleges and independent schools are very familiar with the Millennial mindset. After all, they’ve been coming in through your front door for almost 20 years. But the last wave of Millennial students have moved on, and your new Gen Z audience is significantly different. What exactly is Gen…

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Listen to Will: “Will I Fit In?”

Maria Kadison, President & CEO of EdwardsCo. About a year ago, I started sharing a first-hand account of the college recruitment process as seen through the eyes of my son Will. Often I’ve shared my thoughts and insights into best practices, trends, and opportunities from the perspective of a seasoned education marketer. For two and a…

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EdwardsCo Digital Work in the News

Digital and VR Work Getting Media Attention Helping our independent school and higher ed clients grow enrollment, retention, and fundraising is why we get up in the morning!  But we do have to admit that we love when our creative work gets media attention, too. Here’s a round up of the EdwardsCo work making headlines……

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