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EdwardsCo Digital Work in the News

Digital and VR Work Getting Media Attention Helping our independent school and higher ed clients grow enrollment, retention, and fundraising is why we get up in the morning!  But we do have to admit that we love when our creative work gets media attention, too. Here’s a round up of the EdwardsCo work making headlines……

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Maria Kadison at NAIS 2017 Annual Conference

Attend interactive session on branding featuring the case study of New Canaan Country School Headed to the NAIS Annual Conference this week? Make sure to add EdwardsCo President and CEO Maria Kadison’s interactive branding session to your calendar! DETAILS: Brand and Mission Are Not One and the Same Thursday, March 2 1:15 – 2:15 pm…

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Facebook Destroying the College Experience?

Is Facebook Destroying the College Experience? The world has no shortage of theories on whether technology, the Internet, and social networking sites are good or bad for kids. Last week at the NAIS annual conference, we heard a fascinating presentation by Danah Boyd*, a senior researcher at Microsoft. One of her papers called, “Is Facebook…

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New York Times: What Data Can’t Do

Before we launch into why we find the article “What Data Can’t Do,” from the New York Times so interesting, let me confess that we’re huge data geeks. We all have friends who make fun of us because we consider sifting through reams of data, looking for the “AHA” nugget, entertaining…OK, we’re exaggerating a little,…

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