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NAIS Branding 101: Mission to Brand to Growth

How To Pivot from Mission to Brand to Growth Kicks Off a Three-part NAIS Blog Series The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)’s Independent School Magazine Blog published part one of “Pivoting from Mission to Brand to Growth,” a new brand strategy blog series.  The three-part series is written by EdwardsCo president and CEO Maria…

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Quant Research for Independent Schools: Is It Worth It?

Alternatives that can help you make smart decisions Quantitative survey research is a topic that comes up frequently when we’re working with independent schools to develop a brand strategy.  The idea of doing survey research among prospective families not currently in their inquiry pool is understandably very appealing.  Unfortunately, several obstacles make getting actionable insights…

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ACT NOW: Social Media and College Admissions

Survey of over 10,000 college-bound high school students points to need for change New research into the relationship between social media and college admissions from TargetX, a student app firm with an impressive research arm, is a must-read for higher ed institutions.  According to findings from the study, social media has become a fundamental part…

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Finally! Research on Word of Mouth’s Impact

For every school, word of mouth (WOM) referrals consistently yield the best prospective students, more than any other source such as purchased lists or search engine referrals. All admissions officers know this.  It’s not rocket science. Students and alumni talk to their friends and family, who, by no freak accident, have similar tastes, preferences, propensity…

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College Ads Are All The Same

During the televised Alabama v. Notre Dame football game on Monday, there was a college ad shown during a commercial break – not unusual. But it was created by Disney | Pixar for a new university, and it’s generating a lot of buzz. The advertisement highlighted these messages for the university: “Dedicated to the highest…

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