Creative Platform and Design

Break through the clutter, pull at the heart.


To follow a creative platform and design process that

  • Brings the brand strategy to vivid life
  • Breaks through the clutter and pulls at the heart
  • Binds target prospects closer to your school
Portfolio Samples

POWERFUL creative and design does more than deliver a message. It connects target students and families emotionally to your institution, so much so that they tune out the competition. They see and hear only you.

That emotional connection flows naturally from your brand strategy. Your brand voice guides the colors, typography, words, visuals, and images in a way that engages and captivates.

Refined and perfected through collaboration with some of the world’s leading colleges, universities, and independent schools, our approach to creative development and design brings together our artist hearts with our strategic brains.

The essential elements of our approach include:

Our creative brief translates insights and brand positioning into creative guidelines.

Working with you, our team develops, reviews, and refines a clear direction.

The exceptional results achieved for clients have earned an Emmy and more than 35 CASE Awards.


A strikingly beautiful and highly memorable collection of brand assets that you can use across all forms of communication and engagement.

Portfolio Sample: School Year Abroad, print and web

Gold Winner- Admissions Website, EDU Digital Marketing Awards 

“The bold tagline, brand refresh, astute messaging, and highly attractive collateral absolutely met our objectives. We’ve had an amazing response from our teen target audience.”

-- Jacquie Kane, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications, School Year Abroad

Portfolio Sample: The Kent School, print, web, and virtual student experience

Take a tour of the website or experience Kent’s residential life through virtual reality

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