Creative Execution

Communications that inspire action

“You are artists in every sense of the word. Thank you so very much for your brilliant, inspiring, exceptional work.” — Sarah Gleason Ross, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment, Kent School

Our creative platform development process is intended to:
  • Execute creative strategies across channels, platforms, and target audiences that
  • Proclaim your brand—loud and clear—at every touch point
  • Strengthen awareness and effectiveness of all communications
  • Inspire students, families, and alumni to inquire, enroll, attend, and give to your school—NOW

Brand management means getting the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT AUDIENCE at the RIGHT TIME inspires engagement, action, loyalty, and love for your school. Of course, with so many different channels and touch points to consider, marketing and communications can be a complex process.

Your creative might look gorgeous, but if it’s executed with the wrong message or at the wrong time, its beauty will quickly become irrelevant.

Grounded in insights about when and how to tell your school’s story, our approach to marketing and communications execution helps you set priorities, target your resources, and amplify your message across all of your channels.

This results in EXCEPTIONAL marketing and communications that consistently drive home your school’s message and generate a robust market response.

Our Creative Design and Outreach approach includes:

You get a 360-degree view of how to integrate your communications to maximize impact within your budget.

The EdwardsCo team has 30+ years working across print, digital, video, and social media, as well as across functional areas including leadership, marketing, admissions, and advancement.

View the our work section to see how we’ve helped our clients with their brand management and strategic marketing plan.

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Creative Execution Case Studies

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