How a Strong Brand Will Help Your School STAND OUT

Branding Insight in Brief from EdwardsCo, Part 1

A strong school brand has an EDGE…

A strong brand cuts through the clutter of nearly identical messages from the competition in a way that resonates powerfully with your best prospects.

Why?  Because a strong brand has an EDGEa positioning that Expresses Differentiation and Generates Engagement among your target audience. 



  • The mental image prospective families and students have of your school.
  • The idea that sets your school apart from competitors.
  • The heart of a brand strategy.

Within the framework of a brand strategy, the brand positioning statement consists of 1 to 4 sentences that bring the soul of your school to life in a way that’s magnetic to prospects because it’s exactly in line with realizing the vision they have for themselves or their child.

It’s meaningful, not fluffy. It’s timeless, not trendy. It’s inspiring, not commonplace.

Why having an EDGE is important…

Without an EDGE, your school competes in a sea of nearly identical messages: “low student-to-faculty ratio,” “academic rigor,” and “global citizenship.”

Whether they’re true for any one school doesn’t matter, because all schools claim them.

Drowning in this marketing noise, prospective students and families tune theses messages out.  They turn instead to the often uninformed perceptions and misperceptions circulating in the marketplace to guide their decision about whether or not to apply and enroll.

Simply put, enrollment, yield, retention, philanthropic support, and internal pride all take a hit when a school’s brand doesn’t capture and consistently communicate how it’s better than and different from the competition at achieving a prospect’s hopes and aspirations.

You need to identify a positioning for your brand in order to capture the attention of the right prospects so that they’re intrigued enough to hear the broader story.

By giving your school an EDGE, you provide a highly focused and unifying concept that delivers a context for portraying all other characteristics.  That context defines the end-goal or benefit of “low student-to-faculty ratio,” for example, in a way that resonates with prospects.

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