Charles River School

Challenge: How to Increase Enrollment of a Progressive School in a Hypercompetitive Market

  • Despite impressive outcomes and secondary school placement, Charles River was dismissed by even best-fit families who associated a “progressive education” with an unstructured, anything-goes learning environment.
  • A demanding and highly educated prospect pool who didn’t understand the lifelong power of a child-centered and challenging progressive education.

Solution: Create a Brand Strategy that Communicates Both Process and Outcomes

  • There were plenty of families who would appreciate a more child-centered learning environment that didn’t sacrifice academics; they just didn’t know that one existed.
  • Quickly increase awareness and intrigue about Charles River’s legacy of challenge and outcomes within a caring and empowering environment

Results: The Charles River School Point of View

  • Creative treatment

The Charles River School Point of View represents the establishment and ownership of the unique philosophy that defines the school. The CRS POV goes beyond the branding of the institution to make an actual product of their belief system. It is a boldly labeled container for all they have done historically, everything they do today, and any innovations they make in the future. It is both a shared worldview that speaks for the school as a whole, and also the definition of each of their own individual perspectives—cultivated as a result of the amazing experiences they all share as members of this unique learning community.

  • Tagline: “Deeper Understanding. Higher Achievement”

Tags: Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Platform and Design

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