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Challenge: Enrollment Growth in a Sea of Identical Messages

  • Kent, a boarding school in CT, needed a brand strategy to stand out among dozens of New England boarding schools and to increase enrollment of best-fit families.
  • How do we differentiate Kent in a sea of sameness?

Approach: Mission + Marketing = Brand

  • Spent a day and a half on campus, learning everything we could about Kent.
  • Conducted extensive market research with deposited, accepted/chose elsewhere, and inquired/no app families.
  • Interviewed feeder schools, placement consultants, college admissions officers.
  • Conducted a competitive messaging and brand audit among day and boarding schools.
  • Proposed and tested three brand strategy concepts

Results: Increased Inquiries, Campus Visits, Apps, and Yield

“We have the wind at our backs because of your great work.” Jeff Cataldo, CFO, Kent School
  • A brand strategy that highlighted Kent’s approach to education that worked for both day and boarding students – The Spirit of Participation.
  • Our creative treatment of the brand strategy:

At Kent School, no student is ever just one thing. Engineers are also artists. Athletes are also actors. Class leaders are also community servants. The Kent educational environment and culture are based on the principle of immersive, wholehearted participation in a richly diverse offering of experiences. Students are not only encouraged, but expected to push their comfort zones, and test themselves. To join in every activity. To try every class, club and sport, in the pure pursuit of self-discovery and growth. To not only be involved in their education, but to craft it themselves, in ways that reveal their passions, and lead to the crystallization of their true capabilities. The Kent culture defies traditional labels, and erases boundaries—every student has their own unique set of “ands.” And it is these combinations of experiences that reveal aspects of their strengths, characters and potentials that may have never been discovered—and that can only be discovered here.

  • Tagline: Embrace Everything. Accomplish anything.
  • Creative flourish: We took elements of Kent’s logo and created a stylized ampersand to symbolize the concept and enable immediate identification.

Client: Kent School, Kent, Connecticut

Tags: Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Execution, Creative Platform and Design, Message Training, Print, Video, Web

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