Presentation Skills for Capital Campaigns

The best fundraisers can think on their feet and have an intuitive sense of when to pivot their communication strategy from listening to asking. For some, that confidence comes naturally. For the other 99%, it takes practice, practice, practice. All benefit from professional coaching – presidents, trustees, major gift officers, and other fundraising professionals.

Developed and taught by Dale Deletis, our coaching sessions help fundraisers for capital campaigns cultivate engaging, natural, and persuasive dialog with prospective donors. Dale’s curriculum options address both style and substance:

Option 1: A series of 2-hour group workshops for a cohort

This is Dale’s most popular course. Sold as a package of four or six 2-hr workshops for a cohort of 10 people. Conducted either monthly or bi-weekly, the workshops focus on improving speaking and presentation skills by using the voice and body to create a compelling presence through a progressively more advanced curriculum.

These workshops are highly effective at elevating professionalism and effectiveness to new levels regardless of experience level. Both seasoned speakers, as well as novices, benefit tremendously from these workshops. Many course alumni ask for refresher workshops year after year.

Maximum capacity is 10 participants per workshop.

Option 2: 60-minute, individual sessions plus a workshop with a cohort

Dale works with seasoned development officers and university leadership to fine-tune their delivery and conversation style. The sessions would include role-playing and specific suggestions to maximize effectiveness. As part of this package, he also conducts one 2-hour group session for the individuals to share and address common issues or concerns.

Each cohort has a maximum of 8 participants. Dales spends 1.5 days on campus conducting the individual sessions then returns to campus one month later for the group session.

Being Persuasive While Being “On Message” for Capital Campaigns Fundraising

“Message” delivery workshops. Dale teaches two 2-hour sessions, focused on how to comfortably transform “talking points” and capital campaign “messages” into natural and compelling conversations while honoring each participant’s individual style. No scripts or robotic recitations. They don’t work. We’ll teach you what does work within the context of staying on message. Maximum capacity is 10 participants per workshop.

Dale also conducts Message Training for recruiting and retention purposes.

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.

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