Market Research That Drives Enrollment


Market Research for Private Schools and Colleges

We do everything from advanced statistical analysis of international data sets to focus groups with teenagers. We get the information our clients need to recruit and retain best-fit students and families.

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

private school market research
  1. What are my best-fit families looking for in a school?
  2. What drives their decision to choose one school over another?
  3. How do their criteria change with time and along the admissions funnel?
  4. What’s the right balance of fact and emotion in our communications?
  5. How do we make sure the final “gut call” decision lands on us?
  6. What do they think about our school and our competitors?
  7. Where do we reach our families?
  8. How do we cut through the clutter so that they want to listen to us?

Our Methodologies

Quantitative Research

Rational Decision Drivers
and Segmentation

Ask a rational question, get a rational answer. We work with colleges and private schools across the country to survey, analyze, and segment their prospect pools and admissions databases. You get strategic and actionable recommendations because data without actionable insight is a waste of time and expensive to boot.



Qualitative Research

Emotional Decision Drivers
and Message Development

Qualitative research can be just as powerful as statistics. In fact, you cannot develop a strong brand without it. In-depth interviews, focus groups, and open-ended survey questions enable us to understand the emotional drivers that lie behind many seemingly rational decisions. Drivers such as prestige, pride, safety, fear, and hopes and dreams can have an outsized influence on which school a family ultimately chooses.

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