Virtual Student Experience

Creating a meaningful emotional connection

360/Virtual Student Life Experience – Answers “Will I Fit In?”

  • Makes a prospective student feel like they are part of student life
  • Immerses the viewer in an institution’s story in an engaging and authentic way
  • Creates a meaningful emotional connection between a prospective student and an institution

360/VIRTUAL REALITY is more than just a gimmick.  It’s way more than a cool way to give prospective students a real estate tour of your campus.

A truly effective virtual student experience deeply engages and immerses the viewer.  Prospective students aren’t just on campus, they are part of campus life.  They don’t just see what the institution looks like, they feel like they belong in the space.

When best-fit prospective students feel truly connected to an institution in a meaningful way, they are much more likely to attend. At EdwardsCo, our approach to producing virtual student experiences centers around creating a powerful emotional connection.

The essential elements of our approach include:

    Our team works with you to create an immersive virtual experience that compliments and enhances your brand story.
    Through the selection of scenes, inclusion of dialog, and shooting styles, we give viewers a feeling of control over their experience and of belonging in a space.
    Gen Z is used to video games and virtual reality thrills. We carefully balance the “edutainment” factor with the story to ensure high engagement and enjoyment.


A virtual student experience that makes viewers say, “This is where I need to be – I feel like I already belong.”

Case & Portfolio Sample: Skidmore College

In 2017, Skidmore College became the first college in the country to use a virtual student experience to drive yield.  Other institutions have offered virtual campus tours, but Skidmore went well-beyond a real estate tour to deliver an actual student life experience.

EdwardsCo originally worked with the college to develop a brand strategy and “Creative Thought Matters” tagline.  To reach and engage prospective students in a format that had become increasingly relevant to Gen Z, EdwardsCo suggested Skidmore consider virtual reality.

To deliver the virtual student experience, Skidmore adapted their traditional acceptance package to include a specially designed cardboard viewer.

The viewer included instructions to watch the Experience Skidmore 360/VR, developed, written, and produced by EdwardsCo.


"This was a chance to answer one of the top questions accepted candidates ask, which is what is it like to be a Skidmore student when I'm not in class.  Why not use something like 360VR to bring Skidmore student life to the accepted candidate?"
-- Luke Meyers, Director of Marketing and Engagement, Skidmore College

Case & Portfolio Sample: Kent School

Kent School is the first boarding school to create a virtual student experience to showcase one of the most compelling aspects of attending a boarding school – the residential environment.

EdwardsCo worked with Kent to develop a brand strategy and recruitment communications centered around the “Kent & You” tagline. The virtual student experience translated “Kent & You” into vignettes of real students engaged in a variety of activities, shot from the perspective of the viewer to give an authentic “in the moment” feel.


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