ACT NOW: Social Media and College Admissions


Survey of over 10,000 college-bound high school students points to need for change

New research into the relationship between social media and college admissions from TargetX, a student app firm with an impressive research arm, is a must-read for higher ed institutions.  According to findings from the study, social media has become a fundamental part of the college research and decision-making process.

A few excerpts from the report…

  • Based on a sample of 11,000 high school seniors, 75% of the class of 2013 is using social media to make their enrollment decision. This usage rate is up a whopping 36% from the class of 2012.
  • Social media isn’t necessarily about your University page. Only 50% “liked” or “follow” a college on social media.
  • 32% said conversations they had with current students were extremely influential on their decision.

Clearly, integrating social media into recruitment communications efforts is fast becoming a major priority for colleges and universities.

EdwardsCo Straight Talk for Higher Ed

Get comfortable with the idea of allowing authentic, genuine, and less-filtered conversations between prospective and current students. That’s the appeal of social media and how you can make it work most effectively to draw prospective students to your campus.

And start now.  As in TODAY.

The institutions that learn to adapt to the changing communications preferences, needs, and expectations of Gen Z NOW will see the greatest return on their recruitment efforts in the FUTURE.

Posted on April 22, 2013 in Higher Education, Ideas and insights, Recruiting

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