This Summer’s Top 6 Private School Digital Marketing Actions 

compassionate communications from private schools

Emotionally Sensitive and Marketing-Wise Social Media and Digital Marketing For Private Schools

Now is the time to directly address your market’s concerns with emotionally sensitive and marketing-wise communications.

Post these suggestions on all your digital and social channels. Run targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

COVID Sensitive

We’ve seen an uptick in response rates to social media (both paid and organic) and search marketing that emphasizes what is on the minds of prospective families right now. If you’re not already, you should post to every channel.

  1. Emphasize fewer children per learning space and spacious campus (showing kids outside), providing a safer/more-controlled physical environment to mitigate germ spreading. Action: stories and photos that build confidence about your safe set-up.
  2. Everything you’ve thoughtfully set up for remote learning this summer and the school year
  3. Extra resources for young children
  4. Extra resources for students experiencing difficulty without structure or support services
DEI Sensitive

Most schools are not systematically increasing communications around DEI. The problem is that DEI is a promise, not a reality. If, over time, you have sufficient inclusive images to show DEI, do this.

  1. Run a Drip Campaign where you post a couple of times of week little, digestible snippets that illustrate who you are. Each post ends with statements like “Inclusivity is more than a value. It’s our reality.” and “Diversity isn’t just for the mission statement. It’s our every day.” Snippet content can be an image that illustrates your inclusivity or a short quote from the head, a board member, and virtually anybody at any level in the community. Just one of these every couple of days posted on all your channels tells a compelling story and stretches your resources.
  2. Repost Timely Content – presentations/blog posts/written statements/videos created by anybody in your community on the topic, interspersed between drip campaign postings. Again, once per week to pace them out.

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