New Canaan Country School Drives Enrollment with Brand [PODCAST]

Special Guest:
Brooke Springer
Director of Marketing and Communications
New Canaan Country School

In the third special edition of the Insights podcast, Maria Kadison talks with Brooke Springer about how New Canaan Country School, New Canaan, Connecticut, brought brand strategy, creative strategy, and execution together to successfully drive enrollment growth.

Brooke talks in-depth about:

  • Why the school decided to develop a brand strategy
  • How she approached engaging and educating skeptics in the internal community
  • Why the school opted to use a tagline
  • What elements the school prioritized in their recruitment efforts
  • How she approached launching the new strategy to turbo-charge word-of-mouth

This podcast was done in conjunction with the National Association of Independent School’s blog series, Pivoting from Mission to Brand to Growth.

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