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Branding, Marketing, and Strategy for Private Schools

Private School Branding to Stand Out

How We Help Schools Like Yours

EdwardsCo is the premier agency for branding, marketing, strategy, and design for private schools. Heads and boards coast to coast trust us to develop exciting brands and build enrollment. We focus on both short- and long-term positioning for strength.

It's important to know that branding for schools is critical but alone will not increase enrollment. Likewise, admissions communications alone will not inspire inquiries and applications. You need the best of both to sustain enrollment success year after year.

EdwardsCo is the only education branding agency in the country that skillfully aligns branding and admissions communications with a family's enrollment journey to deliver immediate results. We'll help you with big-picture marketing strategy and highly targeted, admissions communications so that you successfully recruit and retain best-fit families.

EdwardsCo is also the only education marketing firm that helps your private school proactively manage word-of-mouth communications—the single most important source of incoming admissions referrals. Our Message Training service was developed specifically to help schools drive enrollment through word of mouth.

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Why Our Approach Works

We take the time to understand your best-fit families and guess what. They don't care so much about your mission. Families only care about their children. They're not investing in a school. They're investing in their children through a school. Your brand and marketing will increase enrollment only if they tie into what families are actually looking for—benefits for their children.

Families shop for BENEFITS.
Schools sell ATTRIBUTES.

Families invest in the WHY.
Schools sell the WHAT.

EdwardsCo Wisdom: Mission and Brand Are Not The Same

To increase enrollment, private schools need to embrace the difference.

Mission comes from looking in the MIRROR.
Brand comes from looking out the WINDOW.

Mission reflects the SCHOOL'S ASPIRATIONS.
Brand reflects how your school benefits the FAMILY'S ASPIRATIONS.

Our approach always incorporates this wisdom.



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