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Looking for a brand consulting and creative design firm that gets education? You found it.

For more than 30 years, EdwardsCo has worked exclusively with colleges and universities, and independent day and boarding schools.  We specialize in increasing demand, selectivity, and alumni engagement through exceptional educational branding and strategy, enrollment communications, and advancement communications.

When we partner with your institution, your goals become our goals. Your culture and values become deeply engrained in our thinking. We carefully balance your inside perspective with our expertise about the rapidly changing world of educational marketing, recruiting, and fundraising.


Drive recruitment, retention, and revenue growth.

You know your school is outstanding.

But does it STAND OUT?

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Our proven approach translates your true strengths into a powerful brand.  If you want to stand head and shoulders above the competition, let’s talk.

Brand Strategy

That champions your school's true strengths


To develop a brand strategy that

  • Resonates deeply with your “best fit” prospective families
  • Resists attempts by competitors to copy or replicate
  • Rallies the entire school community behind it

BOLD and consistent communication of a brand strategy that champions your school’s strengths will drive substantial recruitment, retention, and revenue growth.

Based on 30+ years of working in education, our approach to brand strategy carefully balances knowledge from your institution’s community with insights from prospective families, feeder schools, placement consultants, and opinion leaders.

The essential elements of our approach include:

Our dedicated research team uses a proprietary and time-tested system to uncover fresh and meaningful insights.

Our collaborative process to brand positioning and message development ensures alignment with your institution’s mission and values.

Our team of branding experts works in partnership with your team to find the right brand strategy, the one that drives results and unifies students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


A strong, one-of-a-kind, and timeless brand that makes prospective families say, “This is where we need to be,” and faculty, staff, and alumni say, “This is exactly who we are.”

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"The research you shared and our new positioning statement have made it easier to communicate who we are as a school, internally and externally."
-- Dana Marcus, Admissions and Communications Director, The School in Rose Valley

Creative Development and Design

Break through the clutter, pull at the heart


To follow a creative development and design process that

  • Brings the brand strategy to vivid life
  • Breaks through the clutter and pulls at the heart
  • Binds target prospects closer to your school
Portfolio Samples

POWERFUL creative and design does more than deliver a message. It connects target students and families emotionally to your institution, so much so that they tune out the competition. They see and hear only you.

That emotional connection flows naturally from your brand strategy. Your brand voice guides the colors, typography, words, visuals, and images in a way that engages and captivates.

Refined and perfected through collaboration with some of the world’s leading colleges, universities, and independent schools, our approach to creative development and design brings together our artist hearts with our strategic brains.

The essential elements of our approach include:

Our creative brief translates insights and brand positioning into creative guidelines.

Working with you, our team develops, reviews, and refines a clear direction.

The exceptional results achieved for clients have earned an Emmy and more than 35 CASE Awards.


A strikingly beautiful and highly memorable collection of brand assets that you can use across all forms of communication and engagement.

Portfolio Sample: School Year Abroad, print and web

Gold Winner- Admissions Website, EDU Digital Marketing Awards 

“The bold tagline, brand refresh, astute messaging, and highly attractive collateral absolutely met our objectives. We’ve had an amazing response from our teen target audience.”

-- Jacquie Kane, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications, School Year Abroad

Portfolio Sample: The Kent School, print, web, and virtual student experience

Take a tour of the website or experience Kent’s residential life through virtual reality

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Communications Execution

That inspires action


To execute creative strategies across channels, platforms, and target audiences that

  • Proclaim your brand—loud and clear—at every touchpoint
  • Strengthen awareness and effectiveness of all communications
  • Inspire students, families, and alumni to inquire, enroll, attend, and give to your school—NOW

Getting the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT AUDIENCE at the RIGHT TIME inspires engagement, action, loyalty, and love for your school. Of course, with so many different channels and touchpoints to consider, marketing and communications can be a complex process.

Your creative might look gorgeous, but if it’s executed with the wrong message or at the wrong time, its beauty will quickly become irrelevant.

Grounded in insights about when and how to tell your school’s story, our approach to marketing and communications execution helps you set priorities, target your resources, and amplify your message across all of your channels.

The essential elements of our approach include:

You get a 360-degree view of how to integrate your communications to maximize impact within your budget.

Our experienced presentation coach motivates faculty and staff, board members, trustees, and more to consistently deliver your school’s brand messages at critical touchpoints.

Our team has 30+ years working across print, digital, video, and social media, as well as across functional areas including leadership, marketing, admissions, and advancement.


EXCEPTIONAL marketing and communications that consistently drive home your school’s message and generate a robust market response.


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"The product of your work once again validates the vast knowledge you possess in the education space and how fortunate we are to have you as our partner.”

— Liz Hamilton, Director of Marketing and Communications, St. John’s Episcopal School

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills for Fundraising

The best fundraisers can think on their feet and have an intuitive sense of when to pivot from listening to asking. For some, that confidence comes naturally. For the other 99%, it takes practice, practice, practice. All benefit from professional coaching – presidents, trustees, major gift officers, and other fundraising professionals.

Developed and taught by Dale Deletis, our coaching sessions help fundraisers cultivate engaging, natural, and persuasive dialog with prospective donors. Dale’s curriculum options address both style and substance:

Persuasive Public Speaking Skills for Fundraising

  • Option 1: A series of 2-hour group workshops for a cohort

    This is Dale’s most popular course. Sold as a package of four or six 2-hr workshops for a cohort of 10 people. Conducted either monthly or bi-weekly, the workshops focus on improving speaking and presentation skills by using the voice and body to create a compelling presence through a progressively more advanced curriculum.

    These workshops are highly effective at elevating professionalism and effectiveness to new levels regardless of experience level. Both seasoned speakers, as well as novices, benefit tremendously from these workshops. Many course alumni ask for refresher workshops year after year.

    Maximum capacity is 10 participants per workshop.

  • Option 2: 60-minute, individual sessions plus a workshop with a cohort

    Dale works with seasoned development officers and university leadership to fine-tune their delivery and conversation style. The sessions would include role-playing and specific suggestions to maximize effectiveness. As part of this package, he also conducts one 2-hour group session for the individuals to share and address common issues or concerns.

    Each cohort has a maximum of 8 participants. Dales spends 1.5 days on campus conducting the individual sessions then returns to campus one month later for the group session.

Being Persuasive While Being “On Message” for Fundraising

  • “Message” delivery workshops. Dale teaches two 2-hour sessions, focused on how to comfortably transform “talking points” and capital campaign “messages” into natural and compelling conversations while honoring each participant’s individual style. No scripts or robotic recitations. They don’t work. We’ll teach you what does work within the context of staying on message.Maximum capacity is 10 participants per workshop.

Contact us for information on pricing and scheduling.

Dale also conducts Message Training for recruiting and retention purposes.

Virtual Student Experience

Creating a meaningful emotional connection

360/Virtual Student Life Experience – Answers “Will I Fit In?”

  • Makes a prospective student feel like they are part of student life
  • Immerses the viewer in an institution’s story in an engaging and authentic way
  • Creates a meaningful emotional connection between a prospective student and an institution

360/VIRTUAL REALITY is more than just a gimmick.  It’s way more than a cool way to give prospective students a real estate tour of your campus.

A truly effective virtual student experience deeply engages and immerses the viewer.  Prospective students aren’t just on campus, they are part of campus life.  They don’t just see what the institution looks like, they feel like they belong in the space.

When best-fit prospective students feel truly connected to an institution in a meaningful way, they are much more likely to attend. At EdwardsCo, our approach to producing virtual student experiences centers around creating a powerful emotional connection.

The essential elements of our approach include:

    Our team works with you to create an immersive virtual experience that compliments and enhances your brand story.
    Through the selection of scenes, inclusion of dialog, and shooting styles, we give viewers a feeling of control over their experience and of belonging in a space.
    Gen Z is used to video games and virtual reality thrills. We carefully balance the “edutainment” factor with the story to ensure high engagement and enjoyment.


A virtual student experience that makes viewers say, “This is where I need to be – I feel like I already belong.”

Case & Portfolio Sample: Skidmore College

In 2017, Skidmore College became the first college in the country to use a virtual student experience to drive yield.  Other institutions have offered virtual campus tours, but Skidmore went well-beyond a real estate tour to deliver an actual student life experience.

EdwardsCo originally worked with the college to develop a brand strategy and “Creative Thought Matters” tagline.  To reach and engage prospective students in a format that had become increasingly relevant to Gen Z, EdwardsCo suggested Skidmore consider virtual reality.

To deliver the virtual student experience, Skidmore adapted their traditional acceptance package to include a specially designed cardboard viewer.

The viewer included instructions to watch the Experience Skidmore 360/VR, developed, written, and produced by EdwardsCo.


"This was a chance to answer one of the top questions accepted candidates ask, which is what is it like to be a Skidmore student when I'm not in class.  Why not use something like 360VR to bring Skidmore student life to the accepted candidate?"
-- Luke Meyers, Director of Marketing and Engagement, Skidmore College

Case & Portfolio Sample: Kent School

Kent School is the first boarding school to create a virtual student experience to showcase one of the most compelling aspects of attending a boarding school – the residential environment.

EdwardsCo worked with Kent to develop a brand strategy and recruitment communications centered around the “Kent & You” tagline. The virtual student experience translated “Kent & You” into vignettes of real students engaged in a variety of activities, shot from the perspective of the viewer to give an authentic “in the moment” feel.


Get in touch to talk about creating a virtual student experience


We develop and launch meaningful brand strategies, compelling communications, and beautiful design to ensure your institution STANDS OUT.

Read select CASE STUDIES BELOW to see our work in action.

I’m so impressed and pleased with how you’ve captured the spirit of St. John’s. That’s a tribute to your work here.

— Mark Crotty, Head of School, St. John’s Episcopal School —

Selected Clients

Our clients include large and small colleges and universities, as well as day and boarding schools.


Stand out in the hearts and minds of prospective families, students, and alumni, starting right now.

Discover fresh ideas, strategic perspectives, and helpful guidance you can use TODAY from the EdwardsCo team of experienced school marketers.  Our Insights blog, podcast, articles, ebooks, and other resources are designed to help you get your school’s message through the clutter, loud and clear.

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