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First, Capture the Attention of Best-Fit Families

  • Target parents to get on the short list of schools to consider. Target older students later.
  • Create a conversation starter. Intrigue and inspire. Make parents want to find out more.
  • Nurture families through the admissions funnel and then retain them until graduation.
  • Be disciplined about Message Training to get enrollment results!

Hopkins School. We Think.

Hopkins is a 360-year-old institution in New Haven, CT. Close to Yale, many Hopkins parents are affiliated with the university. One thing that all Hopkins families share is a student who is intellectually intense and self-driven. These students thrive in a challenging environment and are, in fact, unhappy without it.

Hopkins had the reputation as a grind schooldevoid of joy. The market didn't understand that for the right kid, the intensity at Hopkins was the joy.

Our brand strategy helps Hopkins own the intellectual rigor while resetting the understanding of what that means to the best-fit student.

private school branding example
private school branding example

Simple. Clear. Consistent. Timeless.

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