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Our statisticians and strategists do everything from regression analysis of international data sets to focus groups with high school students. We get the information undergraduate and graduate institutions need to recruit and retain best-fit students of all ages.

Data Is Only Useful If It Drives Results

In this hyper-competitive market, colleges, especially liberal arts colleges, face unprecedented enrollment pressure and the need to justify the return on tuition investment. And this was the case before the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the fundamental value of residential and teaching models. You need actionable data and a results-focused partner who will help you wring as much qualified enrollment as possible from a shrinking pool of new students and current students who are thinking of leaving.

Increase Admissions And Retention With Our Research And Coaching Services

  • QUANTitative market research - Data analytics, segmentation, fresh insights, and actionable recommendations yield measurable results immediately.
  • QUALitative research - With focus groups and interviews and social media scans, we develop brand positioning, supportive messages, and a killer competitive positioning. During the pandemic, we conduct online focus groups, video conference calls, and phone interviews.
  • Student satisfaction surveys - Increase retention by detecting and addressing smoldering discontent that drives attrition and creates negative word of mouth far beyond campus.
  • Campus visit evaluations - You got them to campus, where are your weak points? Where and how did you lose them?
  • Tour guide training - Reading a training manual is not enough. Tour guides need professional presentation guidance and role playing with feedback.
  • Customer service training for admissions teams - It's the little things that can make or break interest. Let us identify where you need polishing and help staff rise to best-practice levels.


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