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MEssage Training for Tour Guides Private School

When word of mouth is the most powerful marketing vehicle you have, getting the words right is essential. EdwardsCo’s Message Training is the fastest way to increase enrollment. Just as important is whether the person singing your praises is comfortable with the message. Robotic scripts won't cut it.

It is critical that members of your community learn how to communicate—comfortably and in their own words—your new institutional brand and supportive messages, as well as the adaptations for each participant’s primary audience.

You can proactively manage word-of-mouth instead of it managing you!

Sounds easy. It’s not.

Written language and spoken language are very different, and the long-term success of your recruiting and retention depends on whether your brand messages are organically integrated in all your communications, especially face to face. Learning how to do this naturally and in one's own words—while staying true to the concepts—requires practice and coaching.

Our experienced presentation coaches enable leadership, faculty and staff, current parents, trustees, and tour guides to consistently deliver your school’s brand messages at critical touchpoints. These workshops are appropriate for novices and accomplished public speakers, from trustees to student tour guides.

Message Training is also important for fundraising. Contact us to learn more.


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