The Best Brand Message Is A Conversation Starter


The primary purpose of brand strategy for private schools is to cut through the clutter and cause best-fit families to want to find out more. It’s a conversation starter not a portrait of everything you do well. That’s TMI, and nobody will listen.

Mission and Brand Are Not The Same


A mission statement is too complicated to be a brand and was written for a different purpose. It describes the educational philosophy and objectives of your school. The many benefits to one's child are implied. A best-practice brand explicitly states one key benefit—one that is most important to prospective families.

But of all the benefits your school offers and all the benefits that a family looks for, which one should be the conversation starter?

Captivating, Clear, Concise, and Consistent

We bring a fresh perspective and deep listening. We carefully balance insights and information from your community with insights from prospective families, feeder schools, placement consultants, and opinion leaders. We simplify, prioritize, and distill until we get the highest priority benefits that both align with your school and with your market.

This results in BOLD and consistent communication that drives substantial enrollment and revenue growth.


We Align

Your Mission and Your Market

Our collaborative process to brand positioning and message development ensures alignment with your institution’s mission and values as well as empowers you to connect deeply with your prospective families.

We Deliver

A Comprehensive Package

A clear and actionable market research report, competitive positioning map, message testing, core brand positioning statement, three supportive messages, message adaptations per audience, and an articulation of your brand voice.

Are you ready to


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