Critical Tools For Retention



Parent Satisfaction at Private School

An annual family satisfaction survey is a critical tool for watching and managing key performance indicators in private schools. It is crucial to understanding the sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, both of which impact retention and recruiting.

Satisfaction surveys provide school leadership with the necessary data to make sound decisions regarding every aspect of school performance—learning environment, program evaluation and quality of academics, services, extracurriculars, school culture, Net Promoter Score®, and more. Surveys conducted annually monitor trends and detect problems immediately.

Squeaky Wheels vs. Smoldering Dissatisfaction

Because an annual survey incorporates voices from across an entire school, leadership is better able to make reasoned, data-driven decisions, fending off demands by squeaky wheels who do not speak for the majority of parents. In fact, smoldering dissatisfaction is much more dangerous to attrition and enrollment in the long-term.

Our parent satisfaction surveys are confidential and anonymous so that parents tell you what they really think. We deliver a comprehensive and actionable report that presents the data in an easily digestible manner as well as our analysis and targeted recommendations for improvement.

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