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NAIS Branding 201: St. Marks Stops Talking and Starts Listening

NAIS publishes part 2 of special series written by EdwardCo’s Maria Kadison The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)’s Independent School Magazine Blog published part 2 of “Pivoting from Mission to Brand to Growth.” The three-part blog series is written by EdwardsCo president and CEO Maria Kadison. Read Part 2: How One School Stopped Talking…

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Quant Research for Independent Schools: Is It Worth It?

Alternatives that can help you make smart decisions Quantitative survey research is a topic that comes up frequently when we’re working with independent schools to develop a brand strategy.  The idea of doing survey research among prospective families not currently in their inquiry pool is understandably very appealing.  Unfortunately, several obstacles make getting actionable insights…

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New York Times: What Data Can’t Do

Before we launch into why we find the article “What Data Can’t Do,” from the New York Times so interesting, let me confess that we’re huge data geeks. We all have friends who make fun of us because we consider sifting through reams of data, looking for the “AHA” nugget, entertaining…OK, we’re exaggerating a little,…

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New Research on How to Increase Giving

We thought this interview from the New York Times was fascinating and thought you’d want to see it. Behaviorist Jen Shang, an assistant professor at the Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University, shares new research into how she produced a 10% increase in giving from women by “changing a handful of words in a solicitation.”…

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