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Ten Components of a Creative Brief

The 10 Components of a Highly Actionable Creative Brief So you’ve developed a brand strategy.  On paper, it articulates the timeless value your institution provides in answer to the hopes and dreams of your best-fit families and students. That’s great! But now what? How do you bring the brand strategy you have down on paper…

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NAIS Branding 301: How Your Brand Can Drive Growth

NAIS publishes School Branding 301 as part of a special series by EdwardsCo’s Maria Kadison The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)’s Independent School Magazine Blog published Part 3 of “Pivoting from Mission to Brand to Growth.” The three-part blog series is written by EdwardsCo president and CEO Maria Kadison. READ THE COMPLETE SERIES… Branding…

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Emotional connection and philanthropy

It’s true that donors need a rational justification for giving.  Yet, they aren’t open to hearing the case for support unless they feel a deep, emotional connection to the cause, organization, or institution. Case in Point – Harvard Business School When Harvard Business School (HBS) first approached EdwardsCo to create a campaign launch event, they…

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New Research on How to Increase Giving

We thought this interview from the New York Times was fascinating and thought you’d want to see it. Behaviorist Jen Shang, an assistant professor at the Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University, shares new research into how she produced a 10% increase in giving from women by “changing a handful of words in a solicitation.”…

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