NAIS Branding 301: How Your Brand Can Drive Growth

The Third In A Three-Part NAIS Blog Series

The National Association of Independent Schools’s Independent School Magazine Blog published a three-part, brand strategy blog series, authored by EdwardsCo CEO and president Maria Kadison. In the series, Maria illustrates the process that three private schools—St. John’s Episcopal School, New Canaan Country School, and St. Marks School—followed to develop and execute a brand strategy.

By reading this important series, independent schools can learn how to align their mission and brand to grow enrollment.

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Synopsis. How to bring brand and creative strategy to drive growth

The final post of the series centers around a case study with New Canaan Country School (NCCS).

Like many independent schools, NCCS had no shortage of wonderful stories to share with prospective families.

Brooke Arthur (formerly Springer), Director of Communications and Marketing, described the school’s challenge: “We didn’t know what to lead with.”

“We also needed to sharpen our focus in the way we talked about ourselves as a school, in all of our materials and visual identity, across all departments.”

By bringing together brand strategy, creative strategy, and execution, NCCS successfully launched a new campaign and has already seen an increase in enrollment.

Brooke shared additional details about the approach she took to educating internal audiences in an EdwardsCo Insights podcast.

Listen to the podcast 


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To NAIS for the opportunity to provide our perspectives on brand strategy with your readers.

And to Brooke Arthur at New Canaan Country School for taking the time to share your valuable insights with your colleagues.






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