How to Share the Story of Your School with Instagram Stories

Why Instagram Stories is a Powerful School Marketing Strategy

You have a virtually endless supply of material happening on your campus every day, whether it revolves around students, faculty, events, classes or clubs, and Instagram Stories are a great way to capture and share them.

With Instagram Stories, you create a series of pictures or short video to create a dynamic and real-time snapshot into the day-to-day experience at your school. Instagram Stories are exciting because they are more raw and real than static images and because they are ephemeral. They disappear after 24 hours which creates urgency to view them.

You can also get really creative with them by adding filters, stickers, text, drawings and even polls. If you have more than 10K followers you can even send people directly to your website through a quick swipe up. As a marketing strategy for your school, lead generation doesn’t get any easier than that!


How Can Instagram Stories Increase School Brand Awareness and Boost Enrollment?

  • It makes it easier for people to discover you, even if they currently don’t follow you: People can find you if they are following a relevant hashtag, searching geographically, or through the Explore tab in the app.
  • It’s where your prospective students and families are: Gen Z loves both stories and videos and Instagram Stories has both! Also, with over 300 million active daily users, you can be sure that your prospective students and families are on this platform.
  • It gets people to engage with you: Instagram is known to be a very engaged platform, and with Stories this is even more true: 1 in 5 Stories gets a direct message from its viewers.
  • It shows another side of your brand: Instagram Stories allow you to get creative and show a more lighthearted and fun side to your school.
  • You can create polls: You can easily create a poll in your Instagram Story and gain valuable insights into your market.
  • You can take advantage of the temporary nature of stories by creating urgency and excitement around an event or promotion.


These are just some of the reasons why Instagram Stories can be a powerful marketing strategy for your school. Now it’s time to try it out and discover your own! Creating an Instagram Story is easy- check out this article from Hubspot to learn exactly how.



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