Independent Schools and Quantitative Market Research [White Paper]

quantitative-research-point-of-viewGet the EdwardsCo point of view on practical alternatives to guide decisions when sample size and cost prove challenging.

Many independent schools ask us if they should do quantitative market research among prospective families who are not already in their inquiry pool.  And we can understand the attraction.

It’s true that quantitative research offers the potential to uncover new opportunities and enable a higher level of confidence in decisions.  Unfortunately for many independent schools, generating a sample size large enough to run robust analysis and to produce statistically significant results can prove next to impossible.

In this point-of-view white paper, the team at EdwardsCo offers cost-effective and efficient alternatives to quantitative research to inform brand strategy and marketing decisions.

Download our Independent Schools and Quantitative Market Research [White Paper] to learn:

  • Practical alternatives to large-scale quantitative research.
  • Questions to ask and the approach to follow to generate actionable insights.
  • How to supplement qualitative data with the NAIS Parent Motivations Survey.


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