How To Successfully Outsource Your School’s Online Advertising (It’s easier and less expensive than you think!)

How To Outsource Your Online Advertising:

In our last blog post, we talked about why online advertising is essential to your school’s outbound marketing strategy. Whether you’re in higher ed or are an independent school, online advertising is a consistent, targeted and cost-effective way to attract new students and maintain high enrollment rates.

If you haven’t advertised using Google Adwords or Facebook because you don’t have the staff resources or feel the cost of hiring an outside agency would be prohibitive, think again.

In this global economy, there are many options for finding highly qualified freelancers and agencies at a very reasonable rate. It’s easier than you think to find an incredible long-term asset to add to your team at a fraction of the cost.

Our Best Tips for Successfully Outsourcing:

Here are some of our best tips for outsourcing your online advertising in a way that will bring you a high return on investment (ROI) while staying within your budget:

  • Choose your platform strategically: While freelancer sites like Fiverr.com are good for short-term projects, you will want to use a platform like Upwork.com to find contractors that you can build a trusted long-term relationship with. Upwork.com (formerly oDesk) has been around for years and probably has the most extensive database of contractors worldwide.
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to details are key: To protect the integrity of your brand, it’s absolutely essential that you hire someone who knows proper grammar and who is obsessed with spellcheck. This more difficult than you might think!!! Of course, you will have to approve all ad copy before it’s live, but you shouldn’t have to worry about the details.
  • Have a Skype interview call: A Skype interview call will tell you much more than any email can about exactly who this person is, their communication skills, and if they’re the right fit. Don’t skip this step! Be sure to ask about their results with similar clients. Results could include for example inquiries, campus visits, webinar or group conference call attendance. When it comes to online advertising, it’s all about the bottom line. Make sure they have a proven track record of delivering ROI for their clients.
  • Look at their work history: Look for an overall rating of at least 90% and read all their reviews. Did their past clients report good communication, meeting deadlines and a solid ROI? It’s also important to make sure that they have worked a minimum number of hours on the platform. We recommend a minimum of 100 hours, but preferably much more.
  • Be strategic about your ads: Always be results focused when creating your ads. In order to get a high ROI, you need to have a strong call-to-action. What do you want people to do when they click on your ad? You could invite them to an open house, prompt them to schedule a school tour, or receive an enrollment packet. There are so many options here, get creative! Start by asking yourself, “What’s the most powerful step someone can take to introduce them to our school?”
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