NAIS Branding 101: Mission to Brand to Growth

How To Pivot from Mission to Brand to Growth Is the First In A Three-Part NAIS Blog Series

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)’s Independent School Magazine Blog published part one of “Pivoting from Mission to Brand to Growth,” a new brand strategy blog series.  The three-part series is written by EdwardsCo president and CEO Maria Kadison.

Read Part I, Mirrors vs. Windows: Transforming Mission into Brand Strategy

Many challenges can stand between an independent school and whether it hits enrollment goals.  These challenges can include increasing competition, low awareness, and marketplace misperceptions.  Looking at branding, marketing, and communications for help is a smart response.

Of course, most schools want to remove these major barriers to getting more “right fit” families to inquire, apply, and enroll.  With that in mind, taking the time to develop and implement a brand strategy is an even smarter move.

In the NAIS series, Maria will illustrate the process three private schools followed to develop and execute a brand strategy.

Part I – Mirrors vs. Windows: Transforming Mission into Brand Strategy, for example, focuses on St. John’s Episcopal School. The school focused on staying true to its mission while developing a brand strategy that reflected the needs and wants of target families.

EdwardsCo will also publish a podcast featuring a deeper discussion with the directors of marketing and communications from the schools in the NAIS blog series.  In the first podcast, Maria talks with Liz Hamilton, director of marketing and communications at St. John’s.

Listen to the podcast


To NAIS for the opportunity to provide our perspectives on brand strategy with your readers.

And to Liz Hamilton at St. John’s School for taking the time to share your valuable insights with your colleagues.


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